Our church history: 40 years of growth including 3 church plants (Veneux-les-Sablons, Moissy Cramayel and Marolles sur Seine).

Today, in a region of 110,000 inhabitants, we have decided to expand into a larger church.

We want to live our church life with:

  • Jesus at the center and as Head of the church
  • The Bible as sole foundation for our faith
  • A clear vision for multiplying and training disciples

Our current building was built in the 1980s in the then new town of Melun-Senart.
It comprises approximately 150 people.
Our church is experiencing growth year after year. We want to act before our building becomes an obstacle to our growth.
Facing lack of space and wanting to encourage growth, we need to acquire a building more adapted to our needs.

Several options have been considered over the last year. Today we have a great solution : a 19,300 sq ft (1,800 m2) building built on a 32,200 sq ft (3,000 m2) which is site visible and ideally located in our current town of Le Mée.

This building will enable us to expand our witness to Melun and its region.

We want our building to be a tool to serve the Gospel and our neighbors.


The first step of our project is to buy the whole building and to move into a part of it. We will be able to welcome up to 300 people.

In a second step, we would like to use the whole building to welcome a living church made up of hundreds of people (capacity: 600) praising God and communicating the Gospel around them.


Cost (step 1): 1,200,000 € for the purchase of the building and work necessary to move in. We plan to sell our existing building and also to raise 750,000€.


Depending on our growth, we would like to be able to hire a second pastor in the near future. Thus, our goal is to finance the building project without asking for a bank loan.

Members of the Church are already spiritually and financially mobilized.

How to finance this project?

Church members' gifts (already received)

Sale of our existing building (estimate) 

Loan from Baptist association (0%)


450,000 €

Internal and external gifts to come 750,000 €

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