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In recent weeks our church has been richly blessed, especially with our thanksgiving service to God remembering His faithfulness over the past school year. In September, we will have four baptisms and we look forward to that with great joy.

Our new building project is progressing well. We are thankful for the € 930,000 we’ve collected up until now.
We still need to raise € 300,000 to complete the purchase. We want to encourage you to invest with us in the work of God in Melun and its area by giving.

Here are different ways of giving:
- through a one-off gift (click here)
- through a regular gift (by committing here)

For all those who want to invest with us in this project, we invite you to join us on Saturday, September 1st for a special morning where we will present our vision for the Melun area, our goals and also visit our new building. It will be a good opportunity to meet and answer your questions.
Please confirm your attendance here.

We are committed to pray for this project. Would you consider joining us?

In Christ,

Jeremie Deglon (pastor)

Our deadline to raise the funds for our new building was on Saturday the 31st of March. A couple of days earlier we met the notary to present him the situation. On Saturday the owner and notary informed us that we had 3 extra months to find the 320,000 missing.
We are amazed to see where God wants to lead us. We have decided to continue our walk by faith and in the dependence of God. We had asked God to stop this project if he didn’t approve it. But obviously He decided to use the notary and the owner to encourage us in perseverance and in faith.
The story continues! We are encouraged by your prayers and support.

We are touched by the way God encourages us through you, your prayers, your moral and financial support.

Our deadline is in 11 days! We want to seek God’s intervention through prayer.

Rather than just talking about it, we really want to experience the power of prayer. From far and near, join us in our week of fasting and praying from Tuesday, January 23 to Friday, January 26.

A week of fasting and praying.

The theme of this evening’s prayer time is : « Having a servant attitude in church».

We desire, as a church, to learn to serve. We want to live our unity in Christ by loving one another. We also want to ask God for wisdom in using and developing ministries in the new building.

Tomorrow, we will pray for our church, as a family that is reaching the community. We are salt and light of the world. We want to pray for more people to discover the Gospel in our neighborhood, in our town, in our region.We want to ask God to use this building as a place where lives can be transformed, where the Word of God can be faithfully preached and where more people can join us to worship Him.

And last, we want to pray for a financial miracle in order to purchase the building.

The document giving the permission to change the use of the building into a church is officially displayed outside the building.

Several congregations and individuals in and outside of France have donated for this project, it’s a great encouragement for us!

Etienne is encouraged by the church growth in Le Mée sur Seine. He invites you to get involved in the work of God in the Greater Melun area.